Optimize Your Talent Acquisition Process


Outsource recruitment to identify and acquire talent that highlights your true competitive advantage

Are you looking to expand your workforce for high visibility projects? Are you struggling to meet the hiring demand because of bandwidth constraints, lack of qualified and skilled talent, or a long time to hire?

TekDominion can help you design, build and run a fully optimized talent acquisition process. From process alignment to leveraging innovative technologies, our RPO solutions deliver the scalability and flexibility needed to attract, source, screen, hire and onboard world-class professionals.

We partner with your team to build a data-driven recruitment process that aligns with your organization’s business strategy and hiring goals. Our experts act as your brand ambassadors in the market and use a combination of our proprietary technologies to assess, authenticate, source and onboard candidates.

Our Services

Enterprise RPO

Project RPO

Recruiter-on-Demand (ROD)

Key Differentiators

Agile, Scalable and Flexible

A robust recruitment engine with the ability to swiftly ramp up or down the team of recruiters based on dynamic hiring needs

Process Efficiency

Dashboard and data driven approach makes the model transparent, measureable, repeatable and predictable

Tech & Touch

Blend our recruitment expertise with AI-powered solutions to find qualified, vetted talent

Speed and Quality

Streamline recruitment process to deliver high-volume of qualified candidates in less time

Exceptional Candidate Experiences

Strengthen brand reputation by ensuring uber candidate experiences

Diversity & Inclusion

Build a diverse and inclusive team that adds value to the organization

Client Success Stories

We power our clients with agile deployment of talent and technology


Ideas to initiatives to outcomes – we embrace change and transformation to be the only constants

We are optimists who believe in a community

Come explore the endless possibilities at TekDominion to shape the future.

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